Llandow Kart Club Race Dates 2016

Round 1
Sunday 21st

Round 2
Sunday 20th

Round 3
Sunday 17th

Round 4
Sunday 15th

Round 5 & Welsh Championships
Saturday 18th &
Sunday 19th

Round 6
Sunday 17th

Round 7
Sunday 21st

Round 8
Sunday 18th

Round 9
Sunday 16th

Round 10
Sunday 20th

Celtic Challenge
Sunday 4th


Llandow Kart Club - History

Racing circuits around the world have particular names for parts of the track. The names aid drivers, observers and spectators to identify the position where the action is or the location of an incident which may be out of sight to the majority.

The names may be geographical, technical or often named after individuals. They are part of the history of a circuit and to enthusiasts they can produce a mental image of any particular track.

The South Wales Karting Centre, at Llandow, is no different. Developed following adoption by the St Athan Kart Club and from the year 2000 by the renamed Llandow Kart Club, the names may be familiar to many drivers but the reasons for the names can be lost in the mists of time.

We have recently added a new name to the list of designations so it presents an opportunity to review and explain the names.

Clockwise, from the starting lights.


This sharp hairpin recognises the early support and involvement by the nationally known John Raymond Transport Ltd. Jonathon Raymond was a multiple Welsh Karting Champion in the 1970s and 80s, and his son Richie raced at Llandow.

Start/Finish Straight

Although the position of the start has changed the finish line is still part way along the ‘straight’.

The Hook

A descriptive name for this right ' left ' right ' left section.

Bomber Straight

More a shallow curve, the name remembers the part played by RAF Llandow during the Second World War. The airfield was a ‘satellite’ to RAF St Athan, in fact connected by a green track. RAF Llandow hosted two and four engined aircraft as a maintenance unit and storage facility.


Named in honour of Sir John Surtees, the only man to have ever won the Formula One and World Bike Championships, was at Llandow in August 2005 and officially ‘opened’ the first bend into the newly completed extension to the track.


Another nationally known early supporter, MacWhirter Ltd., supplier of refrigeration and air conditioning products.

Lancaster Curve

A reference to Llandow’s post wartime period. As a storage depot many hundreds of aircraft spent time in the fields around the runways. The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster PA 474 and ‘Just Jane’, NX 611 the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Lancaster were parked here before disposal. PA 474 had left by 1948 but NX 611 was here until 1952.


The third major company to support the Club and circuit from the beginning, Chandler KBS, advises on construction cost and project management.

Spitfire Straight

Living up to the name, this fast section pays tribute to the pilots who trained on Spitfires at RAF Llandow. Many went on to fly during the Battle of Britain and several were lost during training and in battle.

The Dell

The name seems to have nothing to do with the sometime home ground of Southampton FC! The name describes the location of this right / left turn and the line of trees that separate the current circuit from the public road and the site of the original Llandow kart track.


This corner was named in 2013 in memory of Richard Dowers. Richard was known by family, friends and the Karting community as ‘Diggers’. He made major contributions to the Club and SWKC over many years.

Hangar Straight

The fastest part of the track is on the line of one of RAF Llandow’s main runways. Several of the 1940s hangars can still be seen from the circuit. Also named after Hangar Straight at Silverstone, one of the most famous straights in motor sport.

NGK Chicane

Part way along the straight is part of an earlier layout. Formally known as the NGK Kink. Following the continuation of the straight the ‘kink’ was renamed a ‘chicane’. Not used in the regular race circuit it does form part of the Bambino circuit. NGK Spark Plug Co. Ltd. was a long time supporter of the Club and circuit. The ‘kink’ was bypassed when the straight was extended and Raymond’s Hairpin was re-paved and re-profiled during the summer of 2006 before Llandow hosted the ABkC Internations.